The Diva Mayhem Show

Diva Mayhem

Now Playing in San Francisco!
Final Show in San Francisco!
Saturday Oct. 19 @ 9pm
Tickets Only $15 Dollars

Boxcar Playhouse
505 Natoma Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

The Day of the Show we are selling Tickets at the theater in the lobby
Seating starts at 8pm - Cocktails served at your table!



R3 Performance
Live Adult Comedy Puppet Show!

Description of Show:

Come join a bawdy 80-year-old former showgirl, her two-headed flamingo offspring,
a talking toilet and a racist half-shark preacher for the craziest puppet show you've ever seen.
With an endless slew of risqué puns, man-chasing octogenarian Diva Mayhem is the star of the show.
Her sidekick and object of her ridicule is puppeteer and creator Pimp Boy. Together they introduce you
to their demented world, populated by puppets like Captain Blow Hole, Dr. Crapper, Septic Sammy,
Molesty Mouse and the Pink Sphinx, a black-light puppet that claims to be a deity. If you like your
humor outrageous, then Diva Mayhem is the puppet for you.

Adults Only - Must be over 18 to enter - 21 & up for alcohol

strong language and adult situations


Complete Mayhem with adult humor and Puppets.
Check back for locations and show times!

Professional Puppeteer, Adult Comedy Puppet Show, Entertainer,
Comedian, Comedy show

No Refunds, all sales are final.