The Diva Mayhem Show
A look at the puppets

Diva Mayhem and Pimp Boy

The Diva Mayhem Show is an Adult Comedy Puppet Show.  The Star of the
show is Diva Mayhem and her side kick is the designer and creator Pimp Boy. 

Pimp Boy's name is derived from pimping out his puppets.

Pimp Boy has worked 25 years in broadcasting as a TV editor for HGTV,
Animal Planet, History Channel, National Geographic, Discovery Channel,
DIY Network, Fine Living Network, Walt Disney, Travel Channel, BET, ABC,
NBC & CBS.  He was also the main comedy writer for Burlesque Radio and

The Diva Mayhem Show took over five years to design, write and create.
Pimp Boy claims with no evidence, it's the World's Greatest Adult Puppet Show.

Pimp Boy is a puppeteer and not a ventriloquist.  He claims when watching
a ventriloquist, he finds himself watching the lips of the ventriloquist and not
the puppets.

Other puppets Pimp Boy designed, modified and made for the show are
Frick & Frack, Pokey the Platypus, Captain Blow Hole, Dr. Crapper, Septic
Sammy, Molesty Mouse and Reverend Racist.

Pimp Boy at an early age brought his puppets to school for entertainment.
His teachers didn't appreciate the puppets and stated that they created havoc
and mayhem in the class rooms.  The puppets were confiscated daily for being
too unruly and disruptive.

The Star - Diva Mayhem
The #1 Diva in the World

She claims to be the #1 Diva in the world. Diva Mayhem was born in
Las Vegas, Nevada.  She is 80 years old and was once a show girl at the
Flamingo Hotel. 
Diva Mayhem believes a joke isn't funny unless it’s at
someone else’s expense, Preferably Pimp Boys. Diva Mayhem's hobbies
include - Men and she wouldn't add anything to that.

She is outspoken, edgy, vibrant, and funny beyond words.  The connection
between Diva Mayhem & Pimp Boy can easily be recognized.  Pimp Boy claims
he wishes he was like Diva Mayhem, because she is so much fun.  He states,
"She brings out the best in me and brings out the best in others".

Reverend Racist - Special Guest Star

Reverend Racist is the most controversial character in the show. 
"The character had to be rewritten many times, "claimed Pimp Boy. 
Pimp Boy also states the puppet had to be reconstructed over 3 times
to get it right.  Reverend Racist is a shark man - half shark and half man.
With over three thousand teeth, the Reverend claims his dental plan is murder.

Reverend Racist is the special guest star in the Diva Mayhem show.
Even though Reverend Racist is a man of the cloth, he hides behind religion
to be racist towards anyone who isn't like him.

Reverend Racist is the biggest Holy Roller in town and claims he has healing
powers from the Lord.  He was born in Kentucky.  He also is a snake handler
and thinks he should have his own conservative talk show on Fox News.

“Many people don't like Reverend Racist, but he is part of the Diva Mayhem
Family and I love him,” states Pimp Boy.

Frick & Frack

A two headed Pink Flamingo....What could be more stange?
These two birds of a feather have to flock together.

The Diva Mayhem Show takes you on a journey that begins with
these two British snobs.

Frick and Frack live in London and are the offspring of Diva Mayhem,
but don't know who their daddy is.  So, the journey begins to seek out
the father.

Pokey the Platypus

Everyone seems to love Pokey.  He's cute, horny and silly.
Pokey get's his name from liking to poke things.  His favorite
song is the Hokey Pokey.

Turning your back on Pokey could be dangerous.
Management suggests staying seated around Pokey
is advisable.

Captain Blow Hole

The filthiest pirate ever to sail the 7 seas. 
Captain Blow Hole is actually homeless. 
He lives in a cardboard box that looks like a treasure chest. 
Captain blow Hole is the most disgusting pervert in the Diva
Mayhem family. 

Pimp Boy claims the captain is filthy, gross, and disgusting, but for
some reason we all still love him.

Septic Sammy, Dr. Crapper & Molesty Mouse

A talking toilet all the way from France?  Dr. Crapper is the toilet for
all the puppets in The Diva Mayhem Show.   “Getting Dr. Crapper to the
correct scale was really an issue with this puppet,” claims Pimp Boy. 

Molesty Mouse pops in and out of the show, but can’t be understood by
humans, because he speaks so high and fast.

Dr. Crapper’s side kick is Septic Sammy.  Septic Sammy is from Lake Titicaca. 
He claims all toilet paper is made there. These two disgruntled characters have
a lot to complain about.

The Pink Sphinx

The Pink Sphinx is a deity and claims his image should not be replicated. 

The Pink Sphinx reveals his image in the Diva Mayhem show, but refuses any
publicity stills.  Originally this character was going to replicate a zoltar machine,
but due to the extreme cost of the puppet show, Pimp Boy decided to put him in
a coffin. 

This is the only black light puppet in the Diva Mayhem Show.
The Pink Sphinx is
Egyptian and was born and lives in Egypt.  The only way to see the Pink Sphinx is
to attend the Diva Mayhem show. 

No Flash or video photography please.