The Diva Mayhem Show

SF Gay Pride Float

San Francisco Gay Pride Parade Float 2013 -
Video "Tie a Rainbow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree".

The Entire Crew

Parade Music Included:
Tie a Rainbow Ribbon mono.mix.mp3
The Diva Mayhem Show Float

Diva Mayhem & Pimp Boy
The Diva Mayhem Show Promo -
Diva Mayhem commercial mono.mix.mp3

Evan - Spokesperson

Geno - Reverend Racist

Chanel - Frick & Frack
Nadia - Pokey
Ernesto - Captain Blow Hole
John - Dr. Crapper
Darin - Septic Sammny
David - Molesty Mouse
Lee - Staff

Nadia, Shannon & Joe - Staff
Lee - Staff

Isabel - Staff

John - Staff